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Download the complete game file of sexe 100% free. Developer Team released a game called sexe on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows

Game Storyline

Sexe is an adult real-porn HTML game heavily inspired by Hypnospace Outlaw and Hacknet. Playing as a hacker living in Seattle, you accidentally find a mysterious hacking software named INCUBUS. However, despite your newfound fortune, the invasion of privacy has consequences, and you’re no stranger to this fact.

Maneuver your way through the city of Seattle and meet several shady characters, girls, and people who aren’t who they really seem. Difficult decisions will be made, people will be hurt, but always remember: you’re a good person… right?​

Version Changelog

The Prologue + Chapter 1: Alpa


  • Redesigned the INCUBUS background and INCUBUS UI
  • Took out the UI Bar on the left side: player are now unable to go back in the history, but Saves are still available on the passage
  • Added a bar on top of all passages that allow for the player to access the PHONE, Saves, and Restart the game
  • Added the PHONE, which has all WALKTHROUGH information, PLAYER information, and later, QUEST and MESSAGES
  • Fixed general UI and grammar mistakes
  • All FREE-ROAM events have been redesigned to have a separate tab for the MAP (now the map doesn’t take up the entire screen) and a separate tab for the TO-DO list that opens up into a popover as opposed to an entire passage
  • CHOICES tab has been taken out (have been to redesign it, no point in keeping the current shitty design)
  • Snatcher! has been officially added
  • Character profile images have been redone to better fit aesthetic
  • Several passages have been changed to popovers
  • Utilized <> macros to clean up passages
  • Rewrote passages to include less writing and be less cramped
  • Deleted and cleaned up variables

The Prologue:

  • Completely rewrote, redesigned, and redid the entire Prologue to fix plotholes, bugs, and overall crappy writing
  • Took out the introduction of Michelle
  • Took out various choices that have no impact on the game
  • Added the additional choice to not help Calypso when she is confronted by the police
  • Completely rewrote and redesigned all sex scenes to include more dynamic choice and variability (includes Calypso, Yuzu, Molly, Dragon)
  • Character relationships are now affected by choices made in sex scenes
  • NIGHTCLUB ending scenes are more interesting, branched, and have more impact to the story (this includes the Molly Route)
  • Overall UI and coding changes
  • Fixed a bug where players are unable to interact with the bouncer
  • Fixed a bug where characters think money was given to Cherry despite having picked the choice not to
  • Fixed bugs regarding the Cheating Cathy job where images and videos weren’t showing up
  • THE NIGHTCLUB has been rewritten and choices/impacts have been changed
  • Took out the OPTIONAL GOAL in the Deleting Danny job
  • Choices made in the NIGHTCLUB now have an actual impact on Chapter 1
  • Rewrote Calypso sex scenes and added additional ones based on previous choices (a total of 5 are now possible, all of which are different from one another)
  • Added the Calypso House FREE-ROAM event
  • Added several new characters
  • Added three new jobs using Snatcher! (that can only be played based on previous choices; your choice in the NIGHTCLUB impacts what job you get later on in the Prologue).
  • Added consequences to choices made in the NIGHTCLUB to Prologue and Chapter 1
  • Added new sex scene
    Overall, the Prologue is completely finished; while I do have plans to go back and change some UI stuff (specifically with Cathy and Calypso’s desktops), I don’t plan on rewriting and focusing my attention on it anymore.

Game Images

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