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Download the complete game file of Royale Harem 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Royale Harem on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac

Game Storyline

The best way to world peace is to turn all opposition into your royal lovers! You play as Lewis, the bastard ocelot son of lion royalty, as he tries to reclaim his royal birthright. His ascent is aided by powerful magic, and so long as he can hold his own in the many challenges ahead, he might just be able to turn the losers into members of his perfect harem!

Or… he might find himself under someone else’s thumb… Meet, battle against, romance and transform a large cast of allies and rivals! 12 unique characters await you, each with their own destinies, agendas, and kinks!​

Version Changelog

This update we have a lot of fun new additions plus a couple firsts for the game as well, including the first FtM TG and sex scene!

  • Lois’s Princess TF
    • Lose the chess game as Lois
  • Lois’s Trophy TF
    • Ask Magnificence for some help as a princess
  • Reese’s Hypnosis Practice
    • Has multiple variations based on your choices and the gender of you and Reese
  • Draconoclast Court Swaps
    • Finally join the scaled faction with some help from Reese!
  • Exhibitionist Elami Hypnosis
    • Can be done after learning hypnosis from Reese in the scene above
  • Magnificence TG to male
  • A hidden transformation for Matthias
    • Find some way to impress him and turn the tables~
  • A sex scene between Matthias and Spy Lois
    • After your first successful recruitment, find Matthias afterwards to claim your reward, and cement yourself as the favorite~
  • Odenval’s Mingle Dialogue
  • Plus some other secrets…~

Game Images

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