Peeping Dorm Manager [v1.0.0] Mango Party, HornyDoge

Download the complete game file of Peeping Dorm Manager 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Peeping Dorm Manager on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Developer:Mango Party, HornyDoge
Operating System:Windows, Completed

Game Storyline

Peepholes! Eavesdropping! Voyeurism! These are the essential skills for a dormitory manager! Of course, there are also mundane tasks like repairing utilities, cleaning, and taking out the garbage. Yet, they can’t deter you from living with cute college girls, obtaining valuable information from the dormitory, and wooing your tenants!​

Version Changelog


  • Full release

v0.4.3 is now live!

  1. Added checkboxes in the keyword divination task in Akizuki Misaki’s collection room and public areas to help players keep track of collected areas.
  2. By default, all CG cross-section images are turned off.
  3. Fixed a bug where the sink repair event is triggered while Akizuki Misaki is sleeping.
  4. Corrected the issue where the text for using the “Floor Cleaning Master” wasn’t localized.
  5. Fixed the issue where music could still be heard during CG viewing even when the music volume was set to 0.
    v0.4.2 Demo version is now live!
  6. Performed chin plastic surgery on Akizuki Misaki in the laundry room plot section.
  7. Adjusted the operation of the location selection interface so it cannot be closed but can switch to any time slot.
  8. Fixed the issue where Akizuki Misaki might still lay on Inoue Akira even when he is not playing the game.
  9. Fixed the issue where you can chat with Inoue Akira through the surveillance screen while he is smoking in the apartment.
  10. Adjusted the opening hours of the Gentlemen’s Club to also be open at night.

Game Images

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