Newlife [v0.8.4] Splendid Ostrich

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Game Details

Developer:Splendid Ostrich
Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac

Game Storyline

Newlife is an erotic text-based female-perspective RPG. In this game you’ll usually play as a man who’s accidentally transformed into a woman – make a new life for yourself, be seduced by charming (or sleazy) men and generally have a fun sexy time. Alternatively, you can select the female start, begin as a woman and play the whole game without changing gender at all.​

Version Changelog


This release adds a new NPC-job-specific event, as well as various minor changes and improvements.

Major changes & additions:

  • Added a new event that can happen if you’re in a relationship with someone who works in a bar.
  • Added an “All Shops” option when you buy clothing, that will display a combined list of all clothing items from every shop.

Minor changes:

  • As requested by cwr0308, added a MILKY trait for female NPCs. This will not be added by the usual character-creation process but can be chosen for custom characters.​
  • The mugging scene now has text for when the PC hands over her purse but has no money, and gives her increased stress when this happens (because it makes the mugger angry, and she’s afraid he’s going to hurt her).​
  • Made some text improvements to certain responses to the “tell him you’re ready” action while fixing an issue reported by Sync.​
  • PCs working in sales can now take Ivy’s charm-increasing treatment more than once, though repeat treatments are only half as effective as the first. Side-effect are not halved.​
  • Updated some text on the work-trip scene so wearing a short nightie with no underwear wouldn’t describe the PC as having a “bare lower body”. There’s now an alternative line for that situation.​
  • Added some line-breaks to hopefully make NPC descriptions a bit more readable.​
  • Added a new repairman career for those NPCs, thanks to Birb for highlighting that one was missing.​
  • Updated how the low-self-esteem interaction with bad partner effects works, so that it will take effect every week instead of just weeks when the PC has interacted with them.​
  • Low-self-esteem PCs now get a bonus to their maximum love if they have neutral liking towards an NPC. These PCs already got a large bonus towards NPCs they dislike, but this is lost if the relationship improves which can lead to dramatic changes in the relationship. I do like the idea of a low-self-esteem PC falling for a jerk only to lose interest if he doesn’t treat her badly enough, but the effect should be a bit more gradual: going from +25 to +10 instead of +25 to +0. Incidentally, I suspect this is the cause of the reports of excessive love-decay that I’ve seen: the issue looks like might not be love-decay at all but rather the big drop from an improving relationship.​

Changes for user-submitted content:

It is now possible to set a custom sleazy landlord, as requested by several people, most recently by Darth Magus I think. You can do this by using the SLEAZY_LANDLORD trait on a custom male NPC. This conflicts with other special-NPC roles. The sleazy landlord will be set to be a sleazy jerk(even if you don’t add these values yourself) and will have conflicting traits (charming & traditional) removed.​


  • Fixed some text issues. Thanks to Zab, Made 2 face black and blue face and Sync for reporting some of these.​
  • Fixed a bug reported by Birb where the mugging scene would behave oddly if the PC was utterly skint.​
  • Fixed a bug reported by Sameer where the impregnator breeding plot event chain could get have two different men with breeding plots and get confused about which should be chosen for a scene. Now, if the event chain repeats and the man from the previous time is still eligible to be the plotter then he will always be chosen. Otherwise, he’ll have the relevant trait removed so there should only be one plotter at any time in the game.​
  • Fixed duplicate job section in the NPC browser, thanks to Birb for reporting this.​
  • The braless shopping scene will no longer fire for a man you’ve had sex with, thanks for Sci for reporting this inconsistency with the scene’s text.​

Game Images

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