Lust Odyssey [v0.22.2] Xperiment

Download the complete game file of Lust Odyssey 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Lust Odyssey on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

Game Storyline

You wake up in a spacecraft, alone and naked. And what’s worse, with no memories. You’ll have to advance through the story to discover who you are as you uncover conspiracies, discover new races, or make difficult decisions. But you will find that the truth about you is not as obvious as it seems. The end of this game is already thought, but everything in between is yet to be seen, will you join me in this adventure so we can shape it?

Version Changelog

*Now Rylan can join all fights in the first level of Akra if you pay his debt to Galiano (the ones adapted to the new system).
The following fights have been adapted to the new system:

  • First fight against Rylan (when he teaches you how to fight).
  • Sub-Guh’Nir combat. Rylan will participate in some scenes.
  • Now there is a new combat if you betray Galiano for Garth. With multiple sex outcomes (Rylan included)

*A new button has been added to the bottom bar to manage your allies. From here you can see their stats and heal them.

*Allies now gain experience during combat.

*From the GUSHOP we can now buy “The Dreamer” for 9,999 credits to relive scenes from the past. Upper Banner. After buying it go to your room > bed. You will be able to see the new battle with Galiano mentioned above (you can take Rylan with you). More scenes will be added to The Dreamer.

*New scene with Sammuel and Skru’Vaks thanks to Kafka. To activate it, go to the Dark Alley on the first floor of Akra (after hiring Skru’Vaks). Requirements: Skru’Vaks must not be on a mission. Be a sub-bottom, not wearing a chastity belt (if you are a woman) and the following kinks activated: pissing and degradation.

*Combat against 2 cyberthugs → One more scene has been finished when winning (Fuck their asses). For dominant tops.


Iacchus visits Akra. Wander around the second floor of Akra to find him. You can talk to Iacchus and Detritus. If you comfort Detritus you can go further in the “Master Bedroom” option if you are into it… You need to be submissive bottom and cum playing kink activated. Not everything I wanted to implement is currently in this version, sorry.


Snake is this month’s chosen one. Go to the seedy bar in Sithyrya during the day to talk to him and start a mission. To further advance your romance visit him several times at the bar, you will need to have visited the beach at least once to unlock everything. When you have declared your love for each other you will be able to see him one more time in your room from 8 pm to 3 am and sleep with him. This is the last event of the content.


Rattlesnake – Increases the consumer’s energy to a maximum of twice its max. Unlockable during Snake’s mission.


  • All the backgrounds of the MC ship have been replaced.
  • Detritus – Dressed, naked flaccid, hard and cumming.
  • The Dreamer Banner (GUSHOP)
  • More layers of semen for Cyberthug
  • Snake – Dressed, naked flaccid, hard + 3 layers of semen.
  • Rattlesnake icon.


  • Fixed several bugs that prevented not from fighting with your fists.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to attack when equipping the gun given by Rylan.
  • Fixed other combat bugs.
  • More bugs fixed since alpha version regarding the new combat system

Game Images

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