LonaRPG [vBeta.] EccmA417 [RPGM]

Download the complete game file of LonaRPG 100% free. EccmA417 Team released a game called LonaRPG vBeta. on Subscribestar platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Operating System:Windows, Linux, Mac

Game Storyline

Cold… Grim… Unforgiving… Deadly… This is the world of LonaRPG. Play the story of a young woman named Lona, who must survive in this gothic and cruel world. Explore a grimdark, twisted, and open world where one little mistake can cost Lona her life… Can you help Lona survive? (And protect her smile?)​

Version Changelog


  • fixed, InputDelay now wont work if events with @direction_fix.(ex:camera)
  • fixed, some more victimBasicMove route fix.

Any discussion or comments involving politics will be deleted. Do NOT use the English patch until it gets updated, use the MTL tool instead.


Game Images

LonaRPG vBeta. Download Links

Patch ToolLonaRPG MTL

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