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Game Details

Developer:NRFB Games
Operating System:Windows, Linux

Game Storyline

Going Deeper is a single player erotic roguelike/management game. You take on the role of an Inquisitor, a divination mage serving the goddess of knowledge, who has been tasked with investigating the sudden appearance of a dungeon of unknown origin.

On reaching the site, you find that a team of Knights from an allied faction is already there. Teaming up with the three female knights, you take on the duty of mission control. Can you guide them to the bottom of a dungeon, or will they fall to the corruption it throws at them?

Version Changelog


  • 1 New Coraline scene
  • 2 New camp scrying sex scenes
  • 3 New Mantra status effects
  • 6 New Skills
  • 1 New Curse
  • 4 New Spells
  • Many additional new game+ bonus/difficulty options


  • Fixed a bug where double corruption waves were causing more temporary corruption gain than intended for allies that do not absorb the wave with a curse.
  • Fixed scripting in Get The Point causing it to not work properly.
  • Fixed the description text for all three Stockpile status effects (rather than just the Injury one).
  • Fixed Trance not reducing Willpower by half its base value.
  • Fixed several things about Suggestive:
    • Fixed rank 3 still being able to awaken allies from trance
    • Fixed ranks 2 and 3 not increasing trance duration
    • Fixed the compulsion not increasing (and thus not triggering) while the character has the curse at rank 3
  • Fixed the Perform Action button in the Ally desire manipulation window being enabled before an action was selected, allowing an attempt to do a null action.
  • Fixed Dissuade only working on some compulsion effects rather than all of them (this spell is implemented terribly aaaaaaa).
  • Specced In: Attack and Specced In: Disarm will now cause allies to default to not attempting to do the actions that they disable (disarming and attacking respectively), so that they don’t get allies stuck in dark rooms.
  • End floor cutscenes will now be able to be prioritized rather than strictly random if multiple cutscenes were qualified for (previous behavior could lead to the first event where Coraline appears being missed).
  • Made the end floor loot window no longer display if it has nothing inside of it (if all chests opened on the floor were consumables/empty for example).
  • The information box drop down in camp will no longer prevent clicking on various buttons.
  • Added a button to change the currently playing music track in the dungeon and in camp (the camp one specifically being inside your own tent).
  • NG+: Double Corruption Waves no longer requires picking Faster Corruption Waves II
  • NG+: Corrupting Curses no longer requires Increased Dispel Cost II
  • NG+: Decreased the costs of Retain Spell II and III
  • Changed some things with Stealthy
    • Description changed a bit
    • Now has a tooltip explanation
    • Different ranks of the skill are now one status effect rather than two (easier to work with)
    • As a result, status effect stat bonuses/penalties can now be conditional on requirement dictionaries (may be useful for modding stuff)
    • “Stealth” tag changed to “Stealthy”

Game Images

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